"Those who are looking for an angel

and only look at the wings,

might bring home a goose."

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Spiritually oriented psychology

humanistic ● transpersonal ● individual

Psychological approach

Appreciation and respect for the diversity of the individual are the center of my attention. My multi-layered and method-independent way of working is characterized by training in humanistic and transpersonal psychology as well as my personal life experience.

Spiritual orientation

In the orientation towards a nameless divine source, I let myself be guided more and more confidently by this power. I believe in the eternal transformation of creation and in the meaningfulness of life - even if much is incomprehensible to the mind and personal needs or desires often remain unfulfilled. In everyday life, I practice a life-oriented and neutral spirituality with a strong connection to Sufism and the shamanic tradition.

Personal attitude

On my personal development path, I have learned to perceive my own as well as the feelings of others and to be guided by the information gained in my thinking and actions. My joy in working with people is to recognize the essence of conditioning and character, and to encourage them to follow their innermost longing.

I'm fascinated by invisible holy spaces in their different forms. My own inner spaces as well as those arising between people.

I love to share my experience with others who thirst for inner peace and fulfillment.

“Believe those who seek the truth and doubt those who have found it.“

André Gide


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